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Heat Pump Split System

ONYX Heat Pump Split System in Maryville, TN

Some homeowners may recoil at the idea of using an all-electric system in order to both heat and cool their homes. While it is true that electricity is not the cheapest energy source available, it is also true that the way in which you use electricity is going to dictate the overall cost of running an HVAC system. When you utilize heat pump technology, for instance, you are actually going to be able to save money by heating your home with electricity.

This is because heat pumps do not generate new heat. Instead, they work as air conditioners in reverse during the winter season in order to use existing heat in the air outside to warm one's home. Because their refrigerant cycles are reversible, you can use the exact same system to cool your home in the summer, as well. It may sound too good to be true, but with an ONYX split system heat pump in Maryville, TN, these benefits are yours to reap.

Split System Heat Pump Features

Heat pumps in general are renowned as much for their convenience as they are for their efficiency. Deciding to use a heat pump in order to heat and cool your home is a great start, but there are still more decisions to be made. One of the benefits of choosing an ONYX system is the fact that they are customizable to any homeowner’s personal preferences.

A split system heat pump may use a single–stage fan or a variable speed indoor fan, for instance. Both single–stage and two–stage outdoor units are available, while the Platinum system features a variable speed multi–stage outdoor unit in addition to the variable speed indoor fan. All levels of the system design are accompanied by our unparalleled 10–10–10 warranty.

Benefits of the 10–10–10 Warranty

All ONYX systems are built to last from the very first step. That doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve additional peace of mind, though. That is where the exclusive 10–10–10 warranty comes into play.

  • 10 Years All Parts: Should any part of your split system heat pump fail in the first 10 years of its operation, it is covered under this warranty. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • 10 Years Labor: For 10 years from the time of installation, labor on your system is guaranteed. If you should move, the new homeowner may purchase maintenance in order to transfer the remainder of the warranty.
  • 10 Years Maintenance: Your warranty on maintenance is yours and yours alone. If you should move within our service area and have a new system in place, you can retain the unused portion of your maintenance.

Customize Your Heating and Cooling Experience

Homeowners today not only expect great products, but they also expect those products to cater to their needs and their personal user preferences. When you opt for an ONYX split system heat pump, you customize the system according to your budget and performance expectations.

Cooling options include:              

  • Variable speed indoor fan
  • Single–stage, two–stage, or multi–stage outdoor unit
  • Our exclusive 10–10–10 warranty
  • Wi–Fi enabled digital programmable thermostat

Call Today with Any Questions That You May Have

If you are planning to invest in an ONYX split system heat pump, you are well on your way to enjoying outstanding and efficient comfort throughout the year. These systems are designed and manufactured with the conditions in East Tennessee specifically in mind. When you pair equipment of this quality with the level of service quality that you’ll receive from our team here at Russell & Abbott, you’ve got a guaranteed recipe for success.

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