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Gas/Electric Packaged Systems in Maryville, TN

ONYX Gas/Electric Packaged Systems

During the hottest time of the year, you need to know that you air conditioning system is going to be there for you in order to cool your home effectively and efficiently. When temperatures really drop in the winter season, you want a reliable heater to get you through the night comfortably. If you're looking for great durability and dependability from an all-in-one HVAC system, then the ONYX gas/electric package unit is for you.

Certain construction types and designs can benefit greatly by having all of the major heating and cooling system components not only bundled together, but also stored outside where they are completely out of the way while also being readily accessible for service. An ONYX packaged unit allows for this type of setup. Combining an efficient electric air conditioner with a powerful gas furnace all in one package, the gas/electric package unit provides year round comfort and peace of mind.

What Makes an ONYX the System to Choose?

Like all other ONYX heating and cooling systems, the ONYX gas/electric package unit. It’s no coincidence that these systems are named for onyx, one of the hardest crystal formations found in the natural world. These systems are built tough, and our technicians are here to guarantee that yours is not only expertly installed, but that you get the ongoing services that you need to continue getting the best that it has to offer.

Customize Your Heating and Cooling Experience

Homeowners today not only expect great products, but they also expect those products to cater to their needs and their personal user preferences. When you opt for an ONYX gas/electric package unit, you customize the system according to your budget and performance expectations.

Cooling options include:

  • Variable speed indoor fan
  • Single–stage, two–stage, or multi–stage outdoor unit
  • Our exclusive 10–10–10 warranty

Heating options include:         

  • Single–stage furnace
  • Two–stage furnace
  • Wi–Fi enabled digital programmable thermostat
  • Dual fuel availability

Benefits of the ONYX Gas/Electric Package System

In addition to the manufacturing quality and options afforded to you by this particular system, the exclusive 10–10–10 warranty is included to put your mind at ease. For 10 years you are covered for:

  • All parts. If any part of the system should fail, it is covered without exception.
  • All labor. Should labor be required in the first 10 years, it is guaranteed covered. Should you sell your home, this warranty can be transferred to the homeowner if he or she purchases maintenance with us.
  • All maintenance. This warranty belongs to you. If you move to a new home with a new system in our service area, you can retain the remainder of the 10 year maintenance coverage.

The combo of electric cooling and gas heating is a powerful one that offers you the best of both worlds. Electricity is the standard for powering an air conditioner, of course. However, it can prove costly to heat one’s home with electricity.

By switching over to natural gas or propane in the winter season, you can enjoy great comfort without overstraining your budget. Contact Russell & Abbott with any questions that you have regarding the design, installation, or service of ONYX systems, as well as the financing options that we offer.

Green Glow Assures Protection from Power Surges. Homeowners may be relieved to know that the slightly eerie green glow on outdoor Onyx units is a good thing because it affirms that your surge protector is working properly. Read more