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Heat Pump Packaged System in Maryville, TN

ONYX Heat Pump Packaged System

Homeowners today are not at a loss for options when it comes to the ways in which they may heat or cool their homes. If you are looking for a way to both heat and cool your home with just one system, then you are looking for a heat pump. If you are looking for one of the most durable and reliable heat pumps around, then you should consider the use of an ONYX heat pump package unit in Maryville, TN.

All ONYX systems are designed and manufactured with the conditions in East Tennessee specifically in mind. ONYX systems are available exclusively from Russell & Abbott, so be sure to give us a call if you have any questions about available system types or options. We live and work in the communities that we serve, and we understand your home comfort needs and concerns.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump is able to offer both heating and cooling because it does not need to generate new heat. Basically, your ONYX heat pump package unit is going to work just like a central AC in the summer (with the exception that all of its main components are located outdoors). Heat is drawn out of the air in the house by the evaporation of refrigerant, and is then vented outdoors as the refrigerant is condensed.

In the winter, rather than using the evaporation of refrigerant in order to remove heat from the air in your home, the operation is reversed. Heat from the air outside is absorbed, the refrigerant is compressed to boost its thermal energy, and that heat is then used to warm the interior of the house. Because no fuel is burned to generate heat, this is very efficient way in which to heat one’s home. 

Why Choose ONYX?

All ONYX systems come with an exclusive 10–10–10 warranty. This is truly comprehensive coverage that allows you to enjoy as much peace of mind as you do comfort from your heat pump package unit. We believe that you deserve nothing less.

While ONYX products are built to last from the first step of manufacturing to the last step of the installation process, no mechanical system is perfect. With the 10–10–10 warranty, you get 10 years of coverage on all parts of the system that may fail: no exceptions. You also get 10 years of guaranteed labor on the system, which is transferrable to a new owner if you sell your home. If you move within our service area, you also retain 10 years of maintenance on the new system. 

Customize Your Heating and Cooling Experience

Homeowners today not only expect great products, but they also expect those products to cater to their needs and their personal user preferences. When you opt for an ONYX heat pump package unit, you customize the system according to your budget and performance expectations.

Cooling options include:

  • Variable speed indoor fan
  • Single–stage, two–stage, or multi–stage outdoor unit
  • Our exclusive 10–10–10 warranty
  • Wi–Fi enabled digital programmable thermostat

Save Space and Energy with an ONYX Heat Pump Package Unit

Packaged HVAC units are commonly used on commercial properties or for apartment or condo buildings where space is limited. They are a great option for the homeowner looking to keep all of his or her heating and cooling equipment in one convenient area outside of the home, though.

When the technicians at Russell & Abbott install and service an ONYX heat pump package unit for you, you’ll have everything you need to make it through the summer and winter seasons comfortably. Heat pumps are particularly well–suited for relatively mild winter weather like we have here in Maryville, TN. Give us a call today to take advantage of a fine ONYX system, and be sure to ask about our financing and system design options. 

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