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Heating & Air Conditioning in Maryville, TN

ONYX Heating and Cooling Systems in Maryville, TN

When you invest in a new heating and air conditioning system, you want to know that you are spending your money wisely. You not only want a great HVAC system, but you want one will stand up to the toughest of demands. That is why you want an ONYX. This line of systems draws its name from onyx, one of the toughest crystal formations to be found in the natural world. Not only are these systems durable and dependable, but they are manufactured with the conditions of East Tennessee specifically in mind.

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Of course, even the best heating and cooling equipment is going to fail to live up to its full potential if you fail to schedule its installation, maintenance, and repair services with qualified professionals. You don’t have to worry about that when you choose an ONYX system, though. These exceptional products are available exclusively from Russell & Abbott. You can count on great manufacturing paired with outstanding service quality.

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Gas/Electric Split System

Sometimes the classic combination is just the way to go. If your home can comfortably accommodate the installation of a gas furnace inside, and a separate AC unit outdoors, then the ONYX gas/electric split system may be right for you. Choose from single or two–stage furnaces and single, two–stage, or variable speed multi–stage outdoor AC units. Dual fuel heating options are available as well.

Heat Pump Split System

Considering our relatively mild winter weather, the use of a split system heat pump makes a lot of sense around here. Heat pumps do not burn fuel or use electricity to generate new heat, and this is the key to the incredible efficiency that they have to offer. These systems act as central air conditioners in the summer, only to reverse their operation in the winter to make use of ambient heat in the air outside in order to warm interior living spaces.

Heat Pump Packaged System

An ONYX heat pump package unit offers the same great efficiency and versatility as a split system heat pump. However, with a package unit, all of the systems major components are housed in a single outdoor unit. This is great for freeing up space in smaller homes, while also keeping all of the components conveniently located for professional servicing. As with all other ONYX systems, the exclusive 10–10–10 warranty applies.

Gas/Electric Packaged System

In similar fashion to the heat pump package unit, a gas/electric package unit will also house all major components in a single outdoor unit. This allows you to switch between electric cooling and gas heating without having to install a furnace within your property. The dependability of gas heating is well–established, and it is a perennial favorite for a reason. Contact Russell & Abbott to take advantage of an ONYX system in Maryville, TN.

Green Glow Assures Protection from Power Surges. Homeowners may be relieved to know that the slightly eerie green glow on outdoor Onyx units is a good thing because it affirms that your surge protector is working properly. Read more


For professional heating and air conditioning products and services in Maryville, TN, call the experts at ONYX today! Contact us to learn more or to schedule service in your area.