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Gas/Electric Split Systems in Maryville, TN

ONYX Gas/Electric Split Systems in Maryville, TN

Russell & Abbott is an employee-owned heating and air conditioning company serving Maryville, Knoxville, Alcoa, and Blount, Knox and Loudon Counties. We value all of our customers, and we express this by providing each and every one of them with high-quality services, fair pricing, and exceptional customer service. In addition to this, we encourage our clients to invest in top-quality systems and products. That is why we strongly recommend that installation and use of products from our ONYX line.

If you're looking for effective and reliable comfort all year long, it is hard to beat the ONYX gas/electric split system. ONYX is an equipment line that is specifically manufactured for the conditions here in East Tennessee. We're celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2017, and we look forward to celebrating by helping our customers, new and returning alike, enjoy the outstanding and dependable comfort that they deserve.

What Is a Gas/Electric Split System?

A gas/electric split system is a full–service HVAC system that features a gas furnace and AC, comprising an outdoor air condenser unit and the indoor evaporator coil. The heating and cooling sides of the system both share the same air handler, ductwork, etc. While some properties may benefit from the compact nature of a packaged unit, in which all of the necessary components are bundled together in one cabinet, efficiency ratings with a split central system are generally higher.

Schedule Professional Gas/Electric Split System Services in Maryville, TN

Once you’ve decided to invest in an ONYX gas/electric split system, you have taken the first step toward ensuring that your home is efficiently and effectively heated and cooled for year–round comfort. It is important to remember, though, that this is just the first step in the process.

The next step is to guarantee that your system is of the right size for your home, and that it is installed properly every step of the way. Working with us will leave no doubt about it. With an ONYX gas/electric split system.

With ONYX, Your Comfort Is Covered

There is no contesting the quality performance that an ONYX gas/electric split system has to offer. Cooling and heating features vary depending upon system type, but options include variable speed indoor fan, single, two–stage, or multi–stage outdoor units, single or two–stage furnaces, Wi–Fi enabled programmable thermostats, and dual–fuel availability. With our help, you can choose your new system confidently to guarantee that you’re getting the right set–up for your needs and personal preferences.

In addition to these great features, you also get the exclusive 10–10–10 warranty. This comprehensive plan means that all parts are covered for 10 years. You also get 10 years of labor on the system, which is transferable to any new owner, and 10 years of maintenance. This maintenance coverage belongs to you exclusively, and any remainder will go with you to your new home and system should you move within our service area.

Contact Russell & Abbott today with any questions that you have regarding the ONYX line of systems, maintenance plans, or available financing. 

Customize Your Heating and Cooling Experience

Homeowners today not only expect great products, but they also expect those products to cater to their needs and their personal user preferences. When you opt for an ONYX gas/electric split system, you customize the system according to your budget and performance expectations.

Cooling options include:

  • Variable speed indoor fan
  • Single–stage, two–stage, or multi–stage outdoor unit
  • Our exclusive 10–10–10 warranty

Heating options include:         

  • Single–stage furnace
  • Two–stage furnace
  • Wi–Fi enabled digital programmable thermostat

Dual fuel availability

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